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This blog was made in my english class with mr hide in my school colegio jorge washington in cartagena, colombia i hope you like it!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


If some one asked me to describe the TLP in one word I would say AWSOME. I would choose that word because the TLP wasn’t like any other project; it was a project that included our opinion and points of view from people in other countries. It also included learning ship and having fun. And also what kept us very involucrate and interested in the project were that the topics that we were writing about were topics that we chose that really worried us.
In the TLP we learned how to work in a group with people from other parts of the world. And what I most liked is that we met a lot of people; they were so cool and different from us. I also loved the part when we had to organize the photos and information that were going to be in the documentary. Although at first I thought that we had the most difficult part, but at the end we had a lot of fun and we learned a lot. In this project I felt many feelings such as happiness, frustration, fear, and proud ness. I was so proud when Mr. Hide told us that the TLP was on the news of snowlake. I also felt frustration when time was running out and we weren’t finished and al last I felt fear for all of those mistakes that we made. But now we have learned from them and we won’t repeat them on the future. So in conclusion the TLP had everything; IT had feelings, information, grades, new people, opinions and what’s more important great documentaries!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

......·::.Symptoms of Aids.·::·......

What are the early symptoms of HIV infection?

In the early symptoms of Aids many people may not develop any symptoms when they first get infected with HIV/AIDS. However, some people after three or six weeks of exposure to the virus get a flu-like illness. This illness called Acute HIV Syndrome, may include headache, fever, nausea, tiredness, diarrhea and enlarged lymph nodes (enlarged lymph nodes are organs of the immune system the may be felt in the groin, neck, and armpits). These symptoms are often mistaken for other viral infections and usually disappear within a week to a month.

The quantity of the virus during this period in the body will be high and will spread to different parts, particularly the lymphoid tissue. The infected person at this stage is more likely to pass the infection to others. As the immune system fights then the viral quantity drops.

For several years even a decade, more sever symptoms may not surface. This period of asymptomatic infection varies from individual to individual; some people start having the symptoms a few months after they get the infection but others may live with ought the symptom for more than 10 years. However, during this period the virus will be actively multiplying and killing the immune system.

What Happens Inside the Body?

When HIV enters to our bodies, it attaches to a white blood cell called CD4. CD4 cells are the main disease fighter of the body, whenever there is an infection the CD4 cells fight them protecting the human body from getting sick. If these cells damage there won’t be anything that fights over diseases.

After it attaches to the CD4 cell, the virus transmits its RNA to the cell. The RAN then gets attached to the DNA of the cell and it becomes part of the genetic material (it virtually takes over the cell). Using the cells mechanism the virus replicates and thousand of copies churn out. These cells then get into the blood stream and attaches to other CD4 cells and continue replicating. As a conclusion the number of virus in he blood increases and the CD4cells will decrease.

After all of this process, the immune system responds vigorously by producing a lot of CD4 cells to fight the virus. As a result much of the virus gets removed from the blood. As the immune system produces more and more CD4 cells the virus increases as well in a similar scale. This battle keeps on as the infected person remains symptom free.

After few years, the number of virus in the body will be very high and the immune system will find it difficult to keep on with the battle. The “balance” becomes in favor of the virus and the person becomes vulnerable to various infections. This infections are called opportunistic infections because it swepts into the body using the opportunity of a its low immunity.
“ At this stage, the number of CD4 cells per milliliter of blood (called CD4 Count), which ranges between 500 to 1,500 in a healthy individual, falls below 200. The Viral Load, the quantity of the virus in the blood, will be very high at this stage.”

My Opinion

I think that this virus is very mistaken by people. So when they start having these symptoms they think it is another disease so they don’t go to the doctor immediately. Others have the virus but don’t have symptoms for about 10 years or even more! That’s why I think that this virus is very clever. Also many other diseases may enter to your body (opportunist infections) that may have very bad symptoms such as tuberculosis. And because people think they have is another disease not even the smallest doubt that they have HIV.

Where My Path leadsMy path leads me to understand this subject more and to learn about what is the world doing to solve this epidemic. What are the campaigns that help the most. This was what I should had written about in this post but Sources of information for this topic are very difficult to find but I am still looking for them and I hope to find at least one.

What are the later symptoms of HIV/AIDS?

Lack of energy
Weight loss
Frequent fevers and sweats
A thick, whitish coating of the tongue or mouth (thrush) that is caused by a yeast infection and sometimes accompanied by a sore throat
Severe or recurring vaginal yeast infections
Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease or severe and frequent infections like herpes zoster
Periods of extreme and unexplained fatigue that may be combined with headaches, lightheadedness, and/or dizziness
Rapid loss of more than 10 pounds of weight that is not due to increased physical exercise or dieting
Bruising more easily than normal
Long-lasting bouts of diarrhoea
Swelling or hardening of glands located in the throat, armpit, or groin
Periods of continued, deep, dry coughing
Increasing shortness of breath
The appearance of discoloured or purplish growths on the skin or inside the mouth
Unexplained bleeding from growths on the skin, from mucous membranes, or from any opening in the body
Recurring or unusual skin rashes
Severe numbness or pain in the hands or feet, the loss of muscle control and reflex, paralysis or loss of muscular strength
An altered state of consciousness, personality change, or mental deterioration
Children may grow slowly or fall sick frequently. HIV positive persons are also found to be more vulnerable to some cancers.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

((-Beating Aids-))

A new treatment?
Combining the modern with the traditional REVIVO mixes 12 of the most powerful Chinese herbs to activate the immune system so that it can fight viruses. Aids are becoming a serious epidemic in southern China where Revivo is developed. Revivo was first tested in northern Thailand, and since then it is becoming very popular. Revivo is the cheapest drug available for this virus and it also restores the immune system so well that in the majority of people who use it the cd-4 are getting to normal in 1-3 months. Also at the same time large number of viral secondary infections is taken care as well.
This new way of looking at the treatment for HIV, are sophisticated mixtures of traditional herbs witch are taken as a tea twice a day.
Experts recommend adding REVIVO to hot Job’s tears milk and/or coffee, using honey to have a better taste and to simultaneously overcome fatigue, and also to include a health diet into your daily routine.

Medical Data
-Each bag of herbal powder contains 10g.
-take 2 bags per day (20g)
-wait at least 4 hours before talking the second bag
-after 4 days pause for one day and then continue for at least 1 month if you are on early stages of aids, and in later stages 4-6 months.

“Note: under medical observation the daily dose can be increased to 4 bags (40 g), and there is no need for pausing after the 4th day. This is particularly recommended if CD4 counts are below 200.”

-pour one bag of 10g into a glass of hot water, mix it, and drink it all.
(You should add honey to reduce the bitter taste.)
-For a HIV treatment in an early stage use the herbal powder for one month
(48 bags)

“Treatment for ACR-AIDS patients: for patients with additional fever, tiredness, secondary infections, symptoms of chest pain, swelling, nausea, etc.: please get a CD4 and virus check at your hospital. If your CD4 is below 200 and/or your virus count is above 10,000 please opt for a combination of Anti-Viral-Drugs (Western medicine with strong virus reduction effect) and Revivo (to build up your immune system). Take Revivo for at least 4 - 6 months to ensure curative effect.”

Follow Up Treatment: Once your CD4 is above 560 you can pause and reduce Revivo to half of the monthly dosage. For this it is very important to do a regularly check of you CD4 to make sure that your immune system stays on guard.

-When taking revivo for the first time the patient may not like by its bitter taste. Continue by taking a lower dosage in the start but then make sure to reach the recommended quantity.
-Revivo is not toxic.

Side Effects:
-May cause sleepiness, that is one of the calming effects of one of the herbs.
-the bitter taste may cause repelling, and initial diarrhea may occur.
-Many virus may be eliminated by the recovering immune while doing its major job in HIV.

My Opinion:
I think that this medicine is very good because it is natural and traditional. Most natural things are good so maybe this will really work. Although it can be very good there is no comprovation that this may work and because of this patients have to use it voluntarily. I think that if the Chinese health administration supports this medicine and improves it these could really be the solution for all of the people dying from this virus.

Where My Path Leads:
I am more curios about other drugs that don’t cure HIV but they help the person fell better. Also I want to know more about how are countries and campaigns working together to BEAT Aids.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

[[Aids As A World Crisis]]

Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa is the location of the worlds 60% of people living with HIV. “Despite falls in adult HIV prevalence apparently under way in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe, there is little evidence of declining epidemics in this region as a whole. In fact, prevalence levels remain "exceptionally" high and might not yet have reached their peak in several countries.” There is a big concern for the women with HIV in this region because of the way this virus is affecting them. These women are being disproportional affected by this virus and remaining poorly informed. These women are being disproportional affected by this virus and remaining poorly informed.

2005 statistics
· People with HIV: 25.8m
· % of world's HIV cases: 64%
· New cases: 3.2m
· Aids deaths: 2.4m

Asians low national HIV infection is masked by the fact the Asia has a large population and because of this a sizeable number of people are living with the virus. Serious aids epidemic on this regions are a result of risky behavior, often related to unprotected sex and drug-use.

However, Prevention strategies are not taking into account this risk taking, not even on those countries that the virus has been far contained.

2005 statistics
· People with HIV: 8.3m
· % of world's HIV cases: 20.6%
· New cases: 1.1m
· Aids deaths: 521,000

In North America and Eastern Europe the number of people infected with the virus is continually growing, although the number of deaths cause by HIV is comparatively low because of the wide availability of antiretroviral therapy.

Sex between men and, in some countries, injecting drug-use is becoming concerns because they are important routs for HIV. There are also concerns because the prevention efforts are getting behind with this pattern of HIV transmission.

· People with HIV: 1.9m
· % of world's HIV cases: 4.7%
· New cases: 65,000
· Aids deaths: 30,000

Latin America
Because of their large populations Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina have the largest HIV epidemics on the region. Only Brazil accounts more than one third of the people living with HIV on the region.

The highest widespread of HIV in this region are in the smallest countries of Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. There is no single factor that is fueling this epidemic but there is a combination of non save-sex between men and men and women, also mainly by injecting drug-use.

In almost al Latin American countries HIV is mainly transferred by sex between men and men and in second place by female sex workers.

People with HIV: 1.8m
% of world's HIV cases: 4.5%
New cases: 200,000
Aids deaths: 66,000

In this region the number of infected people is continually growing, In les than a decade the number of people affected has twenty fold, affecting large societies, Between 2003-2005 the number of people killed by aids has almost doubled.

The mayor population infected is young people, and increasing numbers on infected women, some acquiring it from men who became infected by injected drug-use. The mayor cases of this infections are in Russia and Ukraine.

· People with HIV: 1.6m·
· % of world's HIV cases·: 4%
· New cases: 270,000
· Aids deaths: 62,000

Only two small nation islands among Australia, New Zeeland, and the pacific islands has not yet reported any HIV infections. Australia has the oldest HIV epidemic but between 1995-2000 they saw declining infections but it has grown again recently. HIV is spread mainly be un protected sex between men and men, but there has been a rise in heterosexual infections leading to increasing number in women infected.

The number of HIV infections is smaller in New Zealand than in Australia. The number in the pacific islands is low, but there is still the concern of an epidemic.

· People with HIV: 74,000
· % of world's HIV cases: 0.18%
· New cases: 8,200
· Aids deaths: 3,600

This region was once known for low HIV infections but now it is continually growing. Algeria, Morocco, Somalia , and lybia present evidence of increasing HIV infections. It is transmitted mainly by un protected sex although injecting drug use is the main rout in lyrbia and Iran. HIV knowledge remains poor in this region.

· People with HIV: 510,000
· % of world's HIV cases: 1.2%
· New cases: 67,000
· Aids deaths: 58,000

Aids is leading the cause of Deaths from people of 15-40 years old, Although national wide spread varies from 3% in Haiti and 0.2% in Cuba. The main rout of this epidemic is transsexual intercourse, with commercial sex a prominent factor.
“However, there is some optimism surrounding recent developments in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Barbados and Haiti, where HIV infection rates have declined in some areas. Changes in sexual behavior are cited as one possible explanation. “
My Opinion
I think that poverty is affecting HIV increasing numbers of infected people. Also little knowledge about this infection affects a lot. Un protected sex and injected drug use are the main routes by witch this infection is being transmitted so I think that each region should have programs from teens and adults to educate them about how this infection is transmitted. Also I am concern with the Idea of sex being mainly transmitted by unprotected se between men and men and female sex workers. Witch by offering their services can infect many people.

Where my path leads
My path leads me to more specific knowledge of this world crisis.

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Friday, February 09, 2007


· Over 40 million people around the world are living with HIV or AIDS
· Just under 14,000 new cases of HIV infections occur every single day
· 95 per cent of all AIDS cases occur in the world's poorest countries
· Over 4 million people were infected with HIV in 2006
· 3 million people died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2006 - that's more than 8,000 death a day
· There are over 60,000 people in the UK living with HIV

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus has no cure. The immune system can’t fight over this virus, the immune system is a system that fights against infections but HIV attacks and destroys the immune system. If you have HIV you don’t necessarily have aids you can live years with ought knowing that you are infected with HIV and not having any of the symptoms and feel perfectly healthy, but after several years you would start having this aids symptoms.

Aids stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, this are a group of illnesses and diseases that the immune system is vulnerable to.

How is HIV Transmitted?
You can become infected with the HIV virus by having sexual relations with ought protection or by using a needle that a person with HIV has already used. This virus (HIV) lives on blood sperm and vaginal flood.

Other ways by witch you can get infected is by transmission of organs or infected blood, also from mother to baby. The baby can get infected while pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding. But there are some steps that a mother infected can take to reduce the risk of passing the infection to her baby. Also the organs and blood are usually tested for HIV before transmissions.

HIV is not transmitted by kissing, insect nor animal bites, shaking hands, hugging, using a public toilet, sharing food or drinks, and by swimming in a pool.

There is no vaccine against HIV and it has no cure but there are drugs anti HIV or to slow down the damage done to the immune system, but sometimes these drugs have side effects.

My Opinion
I think that teens need to be more aware about this infection. They need to be more educated about this subject because this is really becoming a great deal on teens. Many people especially teens are dying because of this infection although there are a lot of campaigns against having sexual relations with ought protection.
So with schools educating teens about how to prevent HIV I think that the average people having HIV will reduce. An example of this is Africa. Some African countries have small amounts of schools so children don’t get so much education a result is high average of people with HIV. One time I saw an interview about a man who had HIV and he said that before having the virus he was a very happy person and he was very confident but know he was scared that people would not accept him because he had the virus. So the women that was interviewing him asked him that why didn’t he protected during sexual relationship and he said that he never thought about that no one never talked him about what was HIV and how it was transmitted. So if teens would be more educated there wouldn’t be so much people dying because of this virus.

Where My Path Leads
I think that I’ve learned a lot of aids and that this project has helped me to realize how is this virus affecting teens so much. And I am happy with how much I now about this subject, maybe I am missing some details but I am really confident with how much I now.

Well this post reflects what I am really concern about. So I hope you¡ve learn a lot and hope you enjoid it byeeee! :0

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

.::.My C°mmun¡ty.::.

HI, I was reading some questions on the wiki and I really want to answer these one specially. For April in Mr. Fisher’s class and for everybody who is reading this my community is wonderful I just don’t now from where to start, I guess from the beginning. Cartagena is a very beautiful city. You must be thinking that Colombia is very poor and the cities are horrible and that every thing is bad. But no are country has many poor people yes, but we are just like any other city in the world, plus we are very good persons and not every body here in Colombia Is a drogdealer or stuff like that. My city, Cartagena is a very touristic city. It’s Colombia’s most touristy city because we are by the sea and because we have our down town were houses are beautiful and very old. They where built a long time ago when Spanish people came to conquer.

I live in Boca Grande this is the most popular neighborhood in Cartagena and for us (my friends and I) Boca Grande is Cartagena I mean for us Cartagena is just that part of the city because we don’t go out of bocagrande, well just to Castillo grande and the laguito. So here in Boca Grande we can walk everywhere alone with your friends and it is so cool because you go to Mc Donald’s and then you don't have nothing else to do because you are bored there. In other city you would probably would have to stay there but in Cartagena you can walk to The club Cartagena or to The campito where we usually go after being in Mc Donald’s. Boca Grande has everything it has the only McDonalds in The city it has all the mini malls and those things. Well Castillo Grande and the laguito too but not so much as Boca Grande. We have so much fun here in Cartagena. What we usually do a Saturday is to go to the pool or the beach on till around 6 and then we go to our hoses and we get ready to go out at night with some friends until 11:00 PM that we go back to our houses and sometimes we do pajama parties and if not we just go to our houses. Here in Cartagena we just have one mall and it is not in Bocagrande nor laguito and Castillo grande. This mall is ubicated very far a way from were we live so we can’t go much there. If you want to go you would probably go a Sunday with your parents. In Boca Grande there is not a big mall we have mini malls But we just go there to buy things not as a plan to go at night. I love were I live because Boca grande has many buildings and almost every building has a pool or its in front of the beach like my building. Well I hope that now you have an idea of how is my community and I hope you like it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

.·::·.The World, Teens, and are Future.·::·.

Hi, for all of you that don't now me my name is Catalina and I like my friends to call me cata. I live in Cartagena, Colombia and I am 13 years old. I studie in colegio jorge washington (cojowa) it is one of the best schools in Cartagena. I love my school the only thing wrong about it is that it is too small but we had decided to move to the "zona norte" and have a buetiful and huge school. My schdule strarts at 6:00AM when I have to wakeup to go to school and be on time there at 7:00AM. Iam in the soccer team so every monday, wensday, and frieday I have to stay after chool to practice. after my soccer practice are over I go to my basketball practice. I always and up really tired and sometimes I finish my homework very late at night. I am also at STUCO (student concil) and we have metings every wensday after school.

If you ask me about my city I would tell you that it is wonderful, Cartagena is like a living hood it is so small that you can go everywhere walking and meet with people, that is what we usually do here on weekends. We also have the opportunity to go to the beach because Cartagena is by the sea. Also we can go downtown or as we call it here “El Centro” and you can watch all the old style houses that were built along time ago when Spanish people came to conquer the city. But Cartagena has bad things as well.

Yesterday my English teacher assigned us to write an introduction about what concerns us. What concerns me? Many things such as my country. I love Colombia but I have to accept that we are in a kind of civil war. This concerns me because they (“guerrilleros”) are destroying everything including families. The guerrilleros take children that have no education and they offer them money, education and many things that they don’t have in their lives so they join the guerrilla. This people think that they are right and that they are heroes. So they kidnap people such as corrupts and they have them kidnap for a lot of years. But they kidnap innocent people as well and then they ask their families for money to return them.

This takes me to another concern such as orphans in the world this kids are children who don’t have parents so they don’t receive education nor a living and this children are the future. Because the ones who are living in the future are children and if this children don’t receive education and nothing similar to it when they grow they won’t be good persons.

Another thing that concerns me is global warming. Earth has a great atmosphere and it is such a shame that we are damaging it. Right now we are not having to much effects but if people keep damaging the atmosphere on the future people like us (kids) will suffer many changes and have a lot more effects.

And finally something that really is concerning me right now is addictions. Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are the most common addictions. This really concerns me because these things are really bad and know kids my age are doing it. I just can’t believe that people so young are already being addicts to these things and people now that it is bad! And the worst thing is that some people get into it by group pressure!

Well this are the things that most concern me about the world, teens and are future I hope you had like it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

[(·Staying All Alone·)]

One day I had to stay with my sister all alone in my house. It was at night so I was really scared. This was the first time I ever stayed in my house without my parents. My sister and I always fight and she never let me go in her room so I had to stay in my room all alone. Before my parents left, my mother rented a movie and bought me some pop corn so I could have some distraction while they were gone. My parents instructed me not to open the door to anyone, and if I felt very scared to lock my room. I was so scared that I was constantly checking my back to see if anyone was there, it was so funny, I looked paranoid. When my parents left I put on the movie and locked my room. I was really nervous and thought about a thief breaking into my house or a ghost haunting me.

During the middle of the movie, I was so concentrated that when my sister knocked on my door I jumped and screamed really hard. My sister laughed really hard and I immediately knew it was her, so I opened the door to see what she wanted. She wanted some pop corn, she took some and as soon as she left I went back to the movie. Now I was more scared than ever, I kept thinking that something bad would happen. Later, someone else knocked on my door, I asked who it was, but no one answered, the first thing that came to my mind was it was a thief, I kept thinking on what to do. I finally decided to open my door and, it was my father! I felt so relieved and safe when I saw him. After all this, I went to bed feeling safe. Next morning my sister, my parents, and I all laughed at the funny situation.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

((Great Teleplay))

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street has a very interesting message that almost any other stories have. This message tells us about how people hurt each other, not by guns or bombs but other kinds of weapons such as prejudices and suspicion. These thoughts that are being created on the minds of persons do not only hurt that person but the rest of its generation. For example if you kill someone because of a prejudice and that person has a family its son or daughter would be rais withought a father or mother and that will obiesly cause psicological problems. This example aplies to the story, when Charlie killed Pete Van Horn now the rest of its generation will be hurt as well.

I think that Monsters are Due In Maple Street’s message is a very deep message in which if you think of it, it is very real, people really do this. I think that this message has and will always have significance on human’s life because that is how we humans solve problems in the easiest way. We just want to get rid of problems by picking a scapegoat and blaming him about every thing, and that’s it is over the scapegoat is guilty for everything. I can tell you this because something similar happened to me. When I was in sixth grade my class and I had a project in groups of 5. My group and I were very behind and the due date was very near by. I decided to make a little bit in my house by myself so we wouldn’t be as behind as before. We finished the project and on the next day we gave it to our teacher but we didn’t got a good grade so all of my group told me that I was guilty for all. They had chosen me as the scapegoat just because I helped by doing a little bit in my house. I felt very bad they just got rid of the problem by blaming me. This happens very regularly.

Monsters Are Due On Maple Street is a very old teleplay that’s why I would update it in many ways. First of all now people don’t get so alarmed by a simple blackout since it happens very regularly. Second children in present day do not belive in such stories about aliens, much of my cousins do not believe in them. In third place when there are blackouts there is usually a machine that supplies the energy. In fourth place people would not blame each other instead they would blame the factory that gives power. And finally I would change the message to some problems that we are facing now instead of the communist party.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

.·::·.((The Convivence)).·::·.

Don’t you like to remember what happened in that moment when you are looking at a photo? I always do. Each year in my school we go to a convivence in the North zone where we do some activities that help us unify into a group and tolerate ourselves. I really love when we go to the convivences because we learn so many things that will help us in life. I remember that in the convivence of sixth grade I was with all my group of friends doing the activities. At first I was a little bit shy of doing the activities with every body watching me, but after I was very confident. In the third activity we where having a lot of difficulties, you had to jump a rope very fast. If you lost, everybody had to start all over again. We where having a lot of fun but we needed to hurry up because if we took too much time we couldn’t do the other activities. I was very enthusiasm with all of this.

We decided to put a lot of effort so we could do it fast enough. Finally we all did it except for Nohora who tried to do it and she failed. I felt so sorry for her because every body was yelling and blaming her because now every body had to do it again. This time we had nohora and the persons who weren’t so good at it first, after those persons the ones who had more facilities did it. Finally we all made it. Yeahi! We passed. Later we moved on to the other activity.

The next activity was very difficult. We took a lot of time passing through a stick with our eyes covered. You could have a partner to guide you. If you failed every body had to start all over again. This was a very difficult task that teached us how to trust other persons. We enthusiastically decided to start. But the first five persons lost. Now every body was scared to fail. Finally the first person passed and many others did the same.

Everyone passed the first round and every thing was very well. Now the new task was to walk by the stick backwards, with our eyes covered, and obviously you could have a partner to guide you. We put the persons who didn’t do it so well first and then the others would follow. This round was completed but the next activity was very difficult too. We had to pass through the stick knelled down with our eyes covered, you could use a guide. It was a very difficult task and we were taking a lot of time. As in all the other tasks I was very nervous and scared, I really could have harmed myself.

We used the same method that we used for the other tasks to pass this one. Finally everyone had passed except for Juan Manuel. He was good at it so we thought that he could pass with ought any problem, anyway he didn’t. Now we had to start again! We took a lot of time but finally we did it, we made it through all the activities we were so proud of ourselves. I thought that the convivence was very difficult but at the same time it teaches us many things that right now we are putting all of those great things in practice. If it wasn’t for the convivence I would have been another person or at least very different from what I am right now.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lost In Island of Adventure

"We are going to Orlando, We are going to Orlando" said Vanessa enthusiastically.

"your acting like If you hadn't gone before!"Said Cherry with a prissy voice. This was the first time we were going to Orlando all by ourselves, my sisters and I where very happy except for Cherry that wanted to look very madure but we definitly new she was more excited than us.

"Ok now we need to get some sleep" said Monica with a smartty voice and all four of the Baker sisters agreed.

"Tomorrow will be flying to Orlando!"Vanessa yelled.

"Be quiet" said Cherry.

The next day we woked up very early in the morning because the airplane will leave at nine O'clock and we had to be in the airport at seven. Vanessa and Cherry were fighting as always for a jacket they both wanted to wear.

"Come on girls,don't figh. Said Monica.

"All right you can have it"Vanessa said.

after breakfast the girls went to the iarport. At eleven thirty they where already in orlando waiting for Aunt Rebecca.Aunt Rebecca lives there and she knows where are the coolest adventure parks.
“Ok lets go” she said.

We went to aunt Rebecca’s house had lunch changed our clothes and headed up to island of adventure in Universal studios. Aunt Rebecca was going to leave us there and then at 6:30 she would peak us up.

“Girls be careful and don’t separate you might get lost all right?” she said.

The first thing we did when we got there was to put a meeting place so if anybody got lost we will all meet there.

“All right lets go to Hulk” Vanessa said happily.

We all agreed. Hulk was one of the coolest attractions in the park. After the long line and the ride we headed up to Spiderman this ride wasn’t as cool as Hulk but it was very nice to and it had a long line as well. Then we got to dully dragons a very tall ride and it was very famous. Because of this the line was very big and as always cherry as complaining.

“Iam not going to do that line, plus don’t really feel like going into this ride.” She said.

“Yeah me too I don’t want to go in it!” said Monica

But Cherry and I really wanted to go into this ride so we decided to separate.

“I’ll go with Monica to another ride wile you and Vanessa go into dully dragons.”

“Ok” Vanessa and I both agreed.

We decided to meet at the meeting point after forty-five minutes. Vanessa and I made the line and got into the ride we were screaming like crazy people we were having a lot of fun. When we got off we had still five minutes before the time we were going to meet but we decided to go at that time. In the meeting point Vanessa and I waited twenty minutes and Monica and Cherry wouldn’t come.

“What are they doing?” asked Vanessa with a nervous voice.

“Maybe there ride hasn’t finished yet lets wait ten minutes more” I said.

After ten minutes the girls were not there yet. Vanessa and I waited five minutes before we decided to go and for them.

“Ok lets go first to the place at wich we separated” said Vanessa

We got there and we didn’t see them. Vanessa now sounded really nervous. Vanmessa and I looked for them every were and finally we saw two girls with the same clothes as them very far away. We run to see if it was them and they were but a man was steeling all there belongings. Before we got so close we called a security guy and he stopped the guy and gave all of Cherry’s and Monica’s belongings back, they were crying and scared.

After that we decided to forget of what had happened and we went into several rides before it was six thirty. At six thirty aunt Rebecca peaked us up and took us to her house.

“Auntie you’ll never believe what happened to Cherry and Monica!” said Vanessa.

I pushed her and whispered “She will scold us if we tell her that we separated!”

“Ok it will be are little secret” Said Vanessa and we all agreed.

“So what happened to Cherry and Monica?” Asked aunt Rebecca.

“A-mmmm… they, they” Said Vanessa

“Got free pizza!” exclaimed Cherry.

“Ohh It seems like if you girls had a lot of fun” Said Aunt Rebecca.

When we got to the house we where so sleepy that we got our pajama’s on and went to sleep.
“Good night to all” I said to everybody.

I think that they might have been slept already because anybody answered back! Well I don’t blame them I slept five minutes later!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

((--A Nightmare Holiday--))

In saint week my family and I were going to 1) Bogotá, Medellin, and Barranquilla. We had to take a long route in car so we were 2) uncomfortable, sleepy, and hungry.Later I had a better time with my familie.3) I played with my mom, I sang, and I saw the beautiful landscapes. When we got to Barranquilla 4) it was raining, the electricity went off, and everything was a disaster. 5) While my family decided what to do, I got an idea. My idea was that we should keep going to Bogotá and Medellin and finally at the end of the trip we would come back. 6) In the way, I noticed that we weren't that entusiaced to go to Barranquilla because we go almost all the weekends. 7) Yes, we are very lucky because my father decide that we were not going anywhere! He said that the next vacations we would go but in airplane because this was crazy. Sitting in my car, I remembered every thing and I laughed and thought, this is like a nightmare.

1. Series of objects
2. Series of modifiers
3. Series of independent clauses
4. Series of phrases
5. Introductory participial phrase
6. Introductory adverb clause
7. Introductory yes, no, or interjection
8. introductory participial phrase

Friday, October 13, 2006

.:::We Have School Tomorrow!!.::::

On Thursday I had to do many things, I had to finish a computer project, Art History classes, and tennis classes. I was so stressed and I couldn’t waist any time or else I wouldn’t have time to do anything. At three o’clock I had to be on Paulina’s house to finish the computer project after we would go to tennis classes and then I would have to go to my Art history classes but my mother told me that I didn’t have to go so I was not going. Paulina and me were almost finished with the project when it was time to go to tennis classes, paulina was in tennis classes as well so we were going together.

In tennis classes everything was going bad I was loosing all the games, I love to play tennis but sometimes I just can’t play good enough. That makes me feel impotent. At the end of tennis classes Paulina and I were waitig for Paulina’s mother to pick us up so we could finish the computer project.And sudenly a women asked us if we weren't going to the fashion show upstairs that she could give us the tickets In that moment I remembered that Margui was going to walk on the fashion show. Paulina and I accepted and she gave us the tickets. Paulina was little bit worried because we hadn’t finish the project and it was for tomorrow, so she decided to call her mother to pick us up. When her mother picked us she told Paulina that she had to go to a dance or something like that. Paulina told me that she could finish it by herself, because there wasn’t much to do.

Later I received a call from Lisette, she remembered me that we had to pick up a friend (Mariana) on the air port. When she picked me up she told me that Mariana was already in Cartagena, she was eating with her father and sister in down town. We decided to go and say hi to her but the only problem was that it was very late; it was 9:00 P.M. I told Lisette that ¡WE HAD SCHOOL TOMORROW! She answered that it was going to be very quick so we got to the restaurant were she was and we said hi really quick and got back to our houses. When I got back a realize that I had to finish my home work I was so tired but after all I finished and went to bed. This was a really occupied day and I had a lot of fun.

Well, this is my post I hope you all like it bye!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

[[--->Loving Cartagena<----]]

Cartagena is a beutifull city to come from vacations and to live in. The problem is that we have a corrupt goverment that does nothing else than steel the city's money. Cartagen has many poor people who don't have were to go when they are sick because Cartagena has almost no hospitals. Although, Cartagena has great things as well, such as the murallas, The beaches, and it's down town.

I think that the people of Cartagena needs more education because if people do not studie they will have less oportunitys to work and if people don't have work they don't have money. I love Cartagena thats why every time that I hear that the governors are doing things not right it hearts me. I've heard that they are going to make a new transportation system that may sink the murallas. I think that is a stupid thing because I prefer to have the murallas than another transportation system, but Cartagena is growing as a city as well. Many things are happening here as the "juegos Centro Americanos y del Caribe" that already happened, the next MTV music awards are going to be here, and there are famous actors filming a movie! I think thats wasome, this events make me proud of being Cartagenera.

As the days, months, and years pass by Cartagena will grow more and will deteriorate more, but it will always be my city and I will love it forever.

Well, this is my post and I think that many people thinks as well as me and I hope you like it.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I have many problems in my life. I usually deal with them by talking and making solutions to that problem with the person. I don't fight physically except with my sister, we always fight and hit ourselves that is because she is very mean to me. Some times when I am trying to solve a problem I usually yell to people things like; shut up or be silent and tell them things that are not appropriate, that is something not good at all. I think that I might have to change that bad habit. When I am under pressure I usually say things that I wouldn't say or things with what I do not agree, like you're a bad student and I am not and physical defects things that maybe will really heart people.

One of the greatest problems that I've had was when I was in sixth grade. We were in school (P.E) and a friend had a little bit of dandruff in her hair. I thought it was going to be better if I told her to take it away than if all the people in the school saw that she had dandruff. My friends and I were sitting while it was our turn to play and I told her " Hey you have a little bit of dandruff on your hair take it away". I think my friends thought that I've said it to loud and they started telling me why I've had to be so mean and things like that, they were all over me and criticizing me I felt very bad I wanted to cry. I tried to be strong and not to cry but my tears came out and I run away. One of my best friends went after me to consoled me but I was feeling very bad and I couldn't stop crying. Later I apologized to my friend and all the others apologized me. I felt much more better and I stop crying. After all I learned how to manage my problems and from that day I now who are my true friends.

Friday, September 29, 2006

[[--My Older Siblings--]]

I have three sisters, Sofia she has sixteen years old, Mafer twenty-five and Alex she is the oldest one and she is twenty-seven. I mist the two older ones since they live in Europe. Sofia is the only sister with who I live here in Cartagena but we fight a lot. Mafer and Alex live in Spain because there mother my dads ex wife lives there. Mafer has just graduated from university and Alex is a designer. On Christmas she usually sends me skirts and shirts that she makes with special messages, they are so beautiful. They both live together and with Alex’s husband “Daph” he is from England but he lives in Spain with my sister.

On Alex’s birth day we called her to felicitate her and she gave us a big surprise. She told us that Sofia, Mafer and me were going to be aunts and that my dad was going to be a grandfather. She was pregnant! Know we now that its going to be a girl and the name will be Gaia and in semana santa she’s coming with Daph and the baby. Right now she is still pregnant but she will have the baby on November.

Well this is my post for the week is about my sisters and I hope you like it!

((--->Know that I Have my Own Blog<---))

Know that I have my own blog I see that my expectations were little compared to what it is. I think that having a blog helps me a lot on my writing skills because if I write something that doesn’t make sense or if I have spelling errors people who maybe knows more about the subject can write me a comment correcting me. Before, I thought that having a blog would be difficult because you needed to write each week one or two posts to make your blog interesting plus you needed to have your blog nice and attractive so people visit it, I couldn’t neglect my blog other wise people would never visit it. Know I think that having your blog nice and attractive is something fun to do and posting is very inspiring, I really enjoy having a blog.

When Mr. Hide told us that we were going to learn technical aspects such as how to link, to put photos ect. I was like “oh my god “ I am not prepared for that put as we learned how to do it I was surprised by all the things that we can add to our blogs and how easy that was. In conclusion to have my own blog is a very nice experience; it had leave up to my expectations and more plus it helps me a lot with my spelling, this is wasome.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

.·::·.My Old and Big House.·::·.

When I was younger I lived in a very big house. This house was built by my grandfathers (my father’s parents) long time ago. This house was a two story house with a huge backyard and an elegant and old style. It was one of Cartagena’s biggest and beautiful houses. When my grandfathers died they left this house to my father and his five siblings.

When I was one year old I moved to that house, then I grew up living and experiencing a lot of good moments there till I was ten years old. One day my dad told me that we would have to move because they were going to sell the house and the buyers were going to demolish it and make a building. He told us that we were going to live in that building but I steel didn’t want that to happen, I have lived all my life there and now they were going to demolish it I felt like if they were taking a piece of me.

Cartagena is very little so gossips run very fast. When everybody new this they were always asking me why I gave up the house? And I always told them “that was not my choice it was my father’s siblings and they had choice to sell it”. The building would take two years to be finished and I had to move to another place while the building was finished. Know I am twelve years old and living in a building called Samudio waiting till my other building is finished. The engineers say that it will be finished by the end of this year, The name of the building will be Navas my father’s families second name. I can’t wait to live in the building were my big, old and beautiful house use to be.

Well this is my free post and it is a very important part of my life I hope you like it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

.·::·.Horrible Rats.·::·.

Three Skeleton Key was a story that I read some days ago. I think that this story was very interesting because I always was asking myself what was going to happen. And then when I had to stop reading I couldn’t because I wanted to now more. I also thought that the story was very exciting because I felt that this was happening for real!

This story will always remember me about the day that I was walking to the “campito” a place were young people go to meet with others and to eat pizza. While I was walking with my friends a rat passed through my feat I was so scared that I started stepping on the rat trying to kill her but instead she bites me! And now I have a scar on my foot! I also relate this story with Tommy and Jerry, I don’t really now why, I think that is because jerry is a rat as well but when I read Three Skeleton Key the first thing that comes to my head is Tommy and Jerry.

The part that I best liked from this story is when the fireboat and the coastguards came to rescue the main characters. I liked this part because they were suffering a lot on that island and then when the coastguards came to rescue them I felt as if I had taken a weight of me I felt so happy for them. And the part that I disliked the most is when they tell the narrator that one of his friends had died and the other one had gone crazy. I felt very bad for the narrator and Itchoua because after all that they had passed through there was more! I also liked a lot when the narrator says that he was working on the light again that shows that he is very valiant.

I steel wonder how did the characters got rid of the rats when they got in the light. The narrator says that he doesn’t remember, I think that was a miracle!

well this is how i feel about Three Skeleton Key and I hope you like this post.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

..::My Trip to Island of Adventure::..

My trip started when I went to Island of Adventure in Orlando. When I first got there I went to Hulk. Hulk is the greatest roller coaster in the park so the line was really long. At first they shoot us like if they had shoot us from a gun it was very fun and scary. Later we headed up to spider man. This ride was in 3D and it was about the same thing as the movie. We decided to go in single rider because the line was so long that we didn't have time to do It.Later we had lunch in a really nice place. The walls were decorated with cartoons and the food was delicious. After that we went to a Greek ride it wasn't a roller coaster but it was like a journey through ancient Greece and the leader who took us through the ride, talked with the gods and it was crazy it was really fun. At last we entered to Dr. Zeus's land. IT had rides for little kids and a lot of memory shops. At the end we went to the hotel. It was a really cool day.